Kids PD Day Workshops


So School is back in full swing which means there are those inevitable PD days each month. These days are needed for the Teachers but sometimes they are a struggle for parents. Do we pay a sitter or take them to daycare, do we stay home, maybe send them to a friends house or if they are old enough to stay home do we trust them all day alone???

If you have a child between the ages 10 and 17 and unsure of what to do with the kids on these pesky PD Days or maybe you would like them to learn something new or do something constructive on their PD Day then take a look at our Workshops page and scroll down to the PD Day workshop section for more information or to sign them up!!

Like all of our classes and workshops held at the store there is a limited number of spaces so act fast!! we have opened up 6 machines for these PD days and they will fill up fast.

Have a wonderful Evening 🙂


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