Alright everyone Mike is gone again so guess what that means?!?!?!? we are having a fabric sale..yup thats right a FABRIC SALE 🙂

Mike and Gayle are gone to Timmins and have brought some of our stock with them but we still have lots here in the store so we thought we would show you how much we love and appreciate all of our customers (we also like to have fun while Mike is away 🙂 and put what’s left on sale.

ok so here is what we are doing:

Flannelette and solids will be 1$ off per yard and everything else is 2$ off per yard.

Now mike is only gone Friday and Saturday so the sale will only be held then –  Come in and buy up as much yardage as you can so we can convince him to order more fabric!



if you have yet to perfect that art then come in and build or add onto your stash this Friday and Saturday 🙂


See you all soon!

Liz, Diane & Lea


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