Hey Everyone!

I would to thank everyone for this past year it has been so much fun and exciting with all of you.
From cutting fabric to repairing machines or picking out different fabrics or just sitting and chatting for a few minutes.
A year has past in our new location and it already seems that it is too small, but things come in and out the doors fast and we move along to the next new line or the next notion on the wall.
I don’t know where to start but I will try. Thank you to for believing in me and standing along side of me you are the greatest that anyone can ask for. In the store when I am out of town I have three amazing ladies that help me out and I couldn’t ask for any better people. Lea, Diane and Liz make the store such a great place when I am here as well as when I am not here, as you can tell from the sales that have and post on line and face book when we leave and go out of town. Thank you very much ladies!

Of course a big thank you goes out to our customers! Those of you who travel from out of town to stop in and say hello or to look to see whats new or coming in next, and the people that live in town and walk in and are looking for something different or just to say hi I would also like to say thank you.

This year has gone so fast that we are ready for the next year with all kinds of new fabric ordered and new notions coming that will interest many people so stay in touch and follow the web site and face book pages to find out what is going to happen next.
Thank you
Mike D’Amour


  1. As a fabric addict, I would like to say “Thank you” to you, Mike. Thanks for moving your store to town and thank you all for being such great people. You’re all helpful and knowledgeable and fun to be around. The friendly atmosphere keeps people coming back. I wish you continued success as your business moves forward.

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