3rd Temagami Retreat Nov. 17-20

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3rd Temagami Retreat Nov. 17-20

Arrival: 1:00pm - Departure: 11:00am (restraurant will be open to purchase food items).

Time to enjoy your craft and not have to worry about meals and cleaning. Treat yourself to a beautiful get away with food and accommodations. Double occupancy or private at an additional cost. Bring your personal snacks and refreshment but meals/coffee/tea/water is provided all weekend. The bar and restraurant are open if you choose to purchase additional items.

Will do have demonstrations on Friday & Saturday and Gem Sewing brings additional items for purchase. We also do a 50/50 draw on Saturday night with proceeds going to local organization. We like to plan some fun & quick games with prize give-a-ways.

House Keeping items: we do ask that people do not go into the kitchen area: Sara is more then happy to assist with any items and dirty dishes to collect. We provide 2 cutting stations & 2 ironing stations. Power is provided to the tables with a four foot space per person. The resort provides all bedding and towels which are in your rooms.

Supplies: we ask that you bring lighting as we are in the restrauant area that is dim. You are allowed to bring a comfortable chair or cushions for your chair (it is a wooden chair). Bring your sewing machine and all your sewing supplies you require for the weekend. Due to the limited space; we do suggest that you think carefully about the projects you bring. For instance there isn't  a design wall or a large quilting space.


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