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Discover A New Dimension Of Connection

Experience the revolutionary, world first in home sewing. Artificial intelligence and voice control features give you the ultimate connectivity to reach new levels of your craft, effortlessly. 

At A Glance

  • Artificial Intelligence Detection
  • Voice Control
  • mySewnet™ Connectivity
  • Projector
  • Superior performance & capabilities



  • Features
    • Built-in Help Center, User's Guide and Getting Started support
    • WiFi for automatic software updates & more
    • LED illuminated workspace
    • 2 Free-Motion Modes
    • Sew with Embroidery Unit On
    • Embroider any sewing stitch
    • Stitch Width Safety
    • Soft opened Lid
    • PFAFF® aluminum plate
    • Stainless Steel Ruler integrated into accessory tray
    • Full Size ergonomic handle
    • Soft Grip Handwheel
    • Multi-Function Foot compatibility
    • 30% larger bobbin
    • Large, rubberized storage compartment
    • Bobbin Winding from the Needle
    • Ability to use large thread cones without an extra attachment
    • Telescopic Thread Guide
    • Multiple USB ports
    • Jam Proof Rotary Hook
    • Auto Cut Embroidery Jump Stitches
    • Exclusive stitch techniques: Triple Ribbon Stitches (10), Floating Stitches (23), Radiant Stitches (13), Lace Edge (6) and Stacking Stitches (30)

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