Longarm Quilting

Here at Gem Sewing we have a GAMMILL STATLER for Liz & Mike to help complete your quilts.


Cost Calculation: Quilt length x width x .025. Batting and thread ncluded
Time: Approximately 4 weeks for edge to edge quilting; approx. 4-6 weeks for custom quilting. If you need your quilt rushed there is a $60 rush fee as it will have to be done after hours.


  • Be sure your backing is large enough – we need 4-5” extra backing on every side
  • Piece your backing together before you drop off
  • Press backing before dropping off
  • Press all seams very well
  • Bring in on hangers after pressing
  • Consider stitching around the outer edge of your quilt top to keep seams from opening up
  • If using borders on your quilt make sure to attach them appropriately so the quilt lays flat