Longarm Quilting

Edge to Edge and Custom Quilting are Available.

Preparing your quilt for the Longarm

Quilt Top

It is important to apply your borders squarely. If borders are not attached correctly this could lead to excess fabric on borders and the top will not lay flat. Pleats and puckers may develop during the quilting process.

To apply borders:

  1. Measure your pieced top (before the borders are added). Lay your top out on a flat surface and measure at least three different places across the width and length. Close to the top, middle and bottom.
  2. If these measurements are not equal, calculate the average measurement and use this result to cut the borders.
  3. Apply the border to the quilt top evenly. Sewing from centre out will help keep the fabric from stretching in one direction.
  4. Fullness and/or puckers within a border cannot be quilted out. We try our best, Just remember, the flatter your top lays, the better your finished quilt will look.
  • Please make sure all your threads are clipped.
  • Press seam allowances to leave the least bulk at the seams.
  • Press your quilt top.
  • Stitch or serge 1/8” -1/4” around entire quilt top to keep seams together.
  • Please do not layer top, batting and backing. It is easier to put them on separately.


Quilt Back

  • Size of the backing: must be at least 3-5" wider on each side, top and bottom, than your quilt top. Minky should be at least 5”.
  • Trim the top and bottom edges of your backing so they are straight and square. This ensures the quilt loads onto the machine straight; this is important for keeping the design square on your top.
  •  Press your backing.



We have 2 options here at Gem Sewing:

  1. Edge to Edge Quilting - 2.5 Cents per square Inch (L x W x 0.025), this price includes your thread and batting.
  2. Custom Quilting - this is quoted by Liz for each project as it depends on the custom quilting you would like.

No matter which option you go with you can choose your:

  1. Backing
  2. Batting
  3. Thread colour
  4. Design
  5. Amount of quilting

There could be an average of 4-8 weeks wait time for your quilt to be quilted but please keep in mind that the wait time may go up or down depending on how many quilts were dropped off before yours.


Drop Off Locations

You may drop off your quilt at any of our 3 locations

New Liskeard :55 Regina Street
Phone: 705-648-4849

North Bay: 259 Worthington St. W
Phone: 705-472-4849

Sudbury: 2141 Lassalle Blvd
Phone: 705-525-4449

Contact our Longarm Specialist (Yep, that's Liz wink