Smarter 140s

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Smarter 140s


LED Lights

The LED light ensures a long lasting light source and illuminates the sewing surface with a bright and crisp light.

Hard Cover Included

For transport and storage a hard cover is included to protect your new favorite purchase.

Adjustable Needle Positions

Adjustable Needle Positions Control the position of your needle for exact placement of your straight stitch.

Seven Point Feed Dogs

Optimal Feeding The Seven Point Feed Dogs support the fabric on all sides of the needle while feeding your fabric perfectly. Makes your sewing smooth and pucker free.

  • # Stitches

    • 21

  • Max Stitch Width

    • 6mm

  • Max Stitch Length

    • 4 mm

  • Sewing Space (Needle to Tower)

    • 6.3" (160 mm)

  • Needle Threader

    • Built-In

  • Thread Cutter

    • Manual

  • Max Sewing Speed

    • 750 stitches/min

  • Thread Tension

    • Manual

  • # Included Accessories

    • 16

  • Features

    • Extra Presser Foot Lift
    • Smart Grip dials
    • Snap-on/Snap-off presser feet
    • Adustable presser foot pressure
    • Top-loaded bobbin

Item #: smarter140s

ORIG:$ 439.00 SALE:$ 379.00